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  • Luxurious limited Rose Gold edition
  • DAFNI’s renowned patented technology
  • x6 times the surface of a flat iron in a smart
    3D structure
  • Lower temperatures that are safer for your hair
  • x10 stronger than an iron
  • Can style up to x8 times more hair in each easy
    brushing stroke
  • Easiest tool for smoothing and styling

36 reviews for DAFNI rose GO

  1. Isaahck Gonzalez

    It works wonderfully with my not so healthy hair

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  23. Sam

    This brush is amazing!! I’ve bought knockoffs before so I was very skeptical, but this original straightening brush really works. I have very thick, kinky curly hair, and this brush is able to reach my roots and get deep into my hair to straighten it all very quickly. This has cut my styling time in half. If it can work for my hair, it can definitely work for yours!

  24. Ruth

    I have fine, slightly wavy hair, between chin and shoulder length. I have NO skills with styling devices except ones that are used like a regular brush, and If it takes longer than 5 minutes, forget about it! So on most days I just brush and go. This is one of two styling devices that I can do successfully and quickly. With the Dafni Go, I was able to get a smooth, shiny style in 3 minutes. Also, I love that this has a hard plastic cap to cover the brush and a case for travel.

  25. Deirdre Winberg

    Absolutely worth it
    Just like my headline says, this product is absolutely worth the money. It’s an awesome tool to have and it saves time. Very easy to carry around, heats up quick. I couldn’t be happier.
    Couple things for the curly haired girls- If you have thick, curly coarse hair (like I do) this product will not straighten your hair to your satisfaction if you start with simply air-dried curls. It’s not a flat iron. BUT If you use it in conjunction with your blow dryer, or as a way to quickly freshen your hair in the morning or after the gym, you’ll get what you are looking for.
    Pros: it gets much closer to the root and those little curly-q’s on the side of my head are much easier to straighten without burning myself. It also is very easy to get the back of my head which sometimes had the ‘bumps’. This product definitely helps me feel like I get the results I get with a blowout.
    Cons: You may need to use more of a smoothing serum or oil to tame some of the little frizzies that come from a hairbrush. My hair is pretty dry so I noticed this on my first use, but a little more product and I was good.

    Overall very highly recommended. I watched one video on how to use it and that definitely helped.

  26. Jonathon A. Gomez

    Amazing!!! Save So Much TIME!!!!!

    Works great for straight hair about 6 inches long in an undercut style so much faster than a flat iron 4 minutes and my hair is ready to apply some product.

  27. Zoe

    I bought the original dafni when it came out but my only problem was that the width of the brush was too big to use for my shoulder length hair. The smaller dafni go is much better for my hair length! I love this product and it’s my go to tool in the morning- I can straighten my whole head in 5 mins! Highly recommend this product to anyone!

  28. Ashley Stan

    Great results!
    Really makes your hair straight and soft without looking fake. Great results!

  29. Patricia O’Sullivan

    Five Stars!
    Excellent. Smooth, straight, shiny hair in 5 minutes!

  30. Janet Vargas

    Great Brush!
    It makes getting ready easy and my hair feels fabulous!

  31. Alice

    My sister loves it!
    I bought this for my sister as a gift. She really loves it!

  32. Shana

    very useful, make my hair straight, shiny and no more frizzy. recommand!

  33. Emi

    Five Stars!
    Best Hair straightening brush I’ve ever used.

  34. Gaby

    I love it.my hair is really Curly and just for one piece of hair it took me like 10mnts.but in totall it took me 1hr.when normally it takes me like 3 hrs. So is really an excellent strainer.

  35. Sandy

    I love my DAFNI go Hair Straightening brush. It’s the only straightening brush out of the three top contenders I’ve tried that’s ever worked on my thick wavy hair, and I got one for my sister for Christmas. It arrived the very next day! I sent it as a gift and it came in a beautiful and uplifting holiday bag (material) that is a keeper. Great product, excellent shipping and presentation! A+++++

  36. Joan

    Straight up quality!
    This is a quality piece of kit. It straightens hair quickly without heat damage. I even tried it on my brothers afro type hair and it straightened it! No burnt scalp or fingers either

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