DAFNI classic


(86 customer reviews)

  • DAFNI’s renowned patented technology
  • x8 times the surface of a flat iron in a smart
    3D structure
  • Lower temperatures that are safer for your hair
  • x10 stronger than an iron
  • Can style up to x10 times more hair in each easy
    brushing stroke
  • Look and acts like a brush (just brush slow)
  • Easiest tool for smoothing and styling
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European Plug, UK Plug

86 reviews for DAFNI classic

  1. Isaahck Gonzalez

    It is my 3rd time buying thins. Christmas gifts are all from DAFNI!

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  46. D.Joanne

    Quick and easy to use

  47. Miss S. O’Brien

    very good price and got excellent reviews. it’s really works!

  48. heyjudeblume

    Works really well on my fine hair, smooths and straightens and feels more gentle than classic ceramic straighteners.

  49. Kyle

    The product does exactly as it’s advertised, works very well with my short thick hair. The only negative thing I can say is to purchase this from the actual dafni website. The one I received was used, had some hair still in the brush from the previous owner and no instructions, or warranty. The product was just thrown in the box.

  50. Neesha

    Dafni shortens my routine every morning and before I go out

  51. keith parker

    Bought as a gift for my partner. Excellent product and used daily. Results better than expected
    Great functionality and easy to use.

  52. Ruth

    Works great! I just received this a few days ago and LOVE it. It is so easy to use and I was able to completely straighten my fine, slightly frizzy, wavy hair in a matter of minutes. So much easier to use than a regular straightener and the results were even better

  53. Merak

    I’m loving it! It really worked! Thank you!

  54. Mrs Beryl V Bowers

    Does what it says…
    Fantastic – just brush your hair to get rid of frizz.

  55. Sunil

    Very good straightener, very safe and very effective

  56. Careen

    I love my Dafni. Gives me body whereas my GHD straightners just make my hair really flat. It’s also quick and easy to use. I am very happy with it. My friend bought a cheaper and fake version which she has shoved in her cupboard as it doesn’t straighten well.

  57. Grace

    Changed my life. Honestly it’s a great product. My hair is naturally curly and it made such a difference to my routine. Your hair won’t look like you just came out of the salon, but it will definitely do a great job. You need to make sure your hair is completely dry and is product free before using it.

  58. Leanne

    At last after 55 years, something that tames my hair without me having to spend ages in front of a mirror! Smooth hair in 5 minutes!
    Love DAFNI!

  59. Jennifer K

    It actually works pretty well.
    I have thick half curly straight hair so after I take a shower, my hair is puffy… but after I used this, my hair looked calmed down and really straight like the time I got perma Japanese hair straightening.

  60. Brian

    Excellent product, does exactly what it says.
    Wife uses it daily and she is very happy & Very satisfied.

  61. Liz

    Great for “full or frizzy” hair! Can’t do without it.

  62. Leanne

    It’s good, it works! and very easy to use.
    I love this innovation.

  63. Carla

    Quicker than straighteners
    This product is a lot easier and quicker than using straighteners

  64. Monica Rodrigues

    It’s perfect for my curly hair.

  65. Allison

    I have wavy hair with a bit of frizz. I wanted something fast and easy to straighten my hair for work in the morning. This tool has made it fast and simple. I love it!!

  66. Angelina


    Total game changer to me! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
    I read about this product on Friday. Went online to find out what was the hype about it, and after watching several videos I decided to spend the 150 dollars. I received it today Sunday. Washed my hair, watched tv, put some product, dried my hair with a blow dryer, no brush just my hands. I did use a round brush to dry my bangs tho since that’s the only think I know how to do well with the blow drier. Took me about 15 min perhaps including time to heat the brush and first time how to kinda thing. Very easy! My hair is fine and fragile. And I don’t have a lot of it. I used to have pretty curls but not anymore. It’s dry and overprocessed. What I have been doing was blow drying it at a blow dry bar once a week. I am pretty bad blow drying my hair myself specially on my back, and even worst using the flat iron. I like the bouncy with body look better than the super flat one but I think I could get both with this brush. This was my first time using it and I think the results were excellent. I am kind of speechless to be honest. Once I get the hang of it I think it will be even better. This brush will save me the 40 bucks weekly of the dry bar. I will recover my money after a month of using it needless to say the flexibility of styling my hair whenever I want. Game changer to me!

  67. Ellie

    Quick and easy to use. Time-saver
    I LOVE this product. It straightens my hair quickly and easily. it does reheat quickly.

  68. Marilyn

    I’ve had this for about 2 months. Heats up really fast. I use it after quickly blow drying my hair without a big concern about style or straightness because this straightener completes the work in just a few minutes. Great for touchups too! I use a CPAP at night and it destroys any hair style so its great that I can fix in about 5 minutes what has been destroyed during the night. It’s also better on the real curly underneath hairs in the back.

  69. Amelia Santiago

    It works like it said I’m a Latina and it straightened my thick curly hair in 20 minutes compared to the potential 2 hours! I recommend to don’t use the flat iron products to help straighten your hair because it’ll get stuck between the “bristles” of the brush and burn it. If you do use product clean it right away after you’re done using it.

  70. Jenny

    My daughter has super long almost curly, thick hair. She’s 14 and it takes her about 10 minutes to smooth the frizz and fly-aways. Her hair has some crazy waves and there are days they do not work together, LOL. This tool gets them all in line. She’s been using it for a few moths every few days with no damage to her hair. Easy to use and highly effective

  71. Jen

    I have thin but frizzy, poofy hair and this works well in taming my hair. It has cut down the time it takes me to get ready in the morning compared to using a flat iron.

  72. Libi

    This brush worked great on my daughters hair. She has long, thick, naturally curly hair and I couldn’t believe how this brush straightened her hair. She was so happy and excited and couldn’t wait to go to school to show her friends her hair. I wish I would have bought this brush sooner.

  73. Brent T

    My wife LOVES this straightening brush and can’t get over how well it works! She has long, thick, course dark hair and was skeptical but ordered this after seeing how well it worked for a friend. Even without any styling products, it does a fantastic job whether she lets her hair air dry or blow dries it. Very pleased!

  74. Joe

    Fast and easy straightening
    I gave this a go as my hair is quite thick and wavy so can take ages sectioning and straightening with straighteners. It really is easy and quick, even with my thick hair – I don’t even have to section as the brush prongs ensure even the underneath bits and flyaways around the face are picked up. I also like that you can style like with a blow dry, using the brush’s curved shape to add shape to your style. Possibly my favourite part is that I no longer burn my neck! Although the plate gets hot enough to straighten and smooth your hair, the ‘bristles’ protect so you can even brush though at the roots like a normal brush without worrying about burning your scalp! I won’t be throwing out my straighteners but this makes a great addition to my styling tools (especially when I’m in a rush in the morning!) Very neat invention.

  75. Rita

    Really great product!

    Like other users I looked at the reviews and it really helped in my decision – thanks It does what it says on the tin and straightens your hair really quickly and easily and my mum keeps commenting on how nice my hair looks! It’s quick and easy to use, it takes a a couple of minutes to heat up (don’t forget to press the on button!) a green light comes on and away you go! As a previous person said you really have to pull / thread your hair through the paddle not just brush it! You will
    soon get the giste!! Good luck ! Go on treat yourself!

  76. Monica

    Just love this!
    Having read a couple of poor reviews I haven’t bought this until now but now I regret the delay! This product is awesome! Easy to use and shapes and smooths my hair nicely unlike straighteners which just flatten it. Absolutely delighted!

  77. Lital

    Really great brush
    My hair is in better condition since using this brush. My hair is shiny and healthy much better than using my usual straighteners. Would highly recommend.

  78. Jennifer

    Finally a product to make straightening my thick hair easy!!!
    I love this product- I purchased it after moving away as I no longer could go to my hairdresser who washed and straightened my hair for £5! This product is easy to use and works even on the most thick and curly hair! One tip I would say is to brush hair first so there are no knots and for the best result on thick hair section the hair and do it in parts. One thing I don’t like is that the on button is positioned on the handle wear you hold it so I often accidentally turn it off when brushing my hair.

  79. Maria


    I really like this gadget
    I bought this on a whim after seeing it included in a list of things you shouldn’t be without in the newspaper . At first I thought I had wasted my money but now I wouldn’t be without it. I use it everyday. It tidied my hair up like straighteners but without losing volume and so speedy . It’s marvellous !!

  80. Julia

    So much quicker to straighten my curly hair than tongs/usual style straighteners. I tried out these and a leading straightener that most people buy – these were easier and quicker and cheaper. I just brush through my long hair and it’s done in a few minutes. I even tried on a friend’s tight curls and they straightened in seconds – didn’t even have to go over twice. Really impressed!

  81. Matt

    Amazing, so much quicker and effective. And i don’t even have long hair, i have a medium Mohawk. Additionally, this is miles safer for your hair, heat wise and obviously doesn’t clamp your hair.

  82. poli

    Really pleased.
    For someone who struggled with straightening her hair on the right side and back this product is great. Heats up quickly and very easy to use. It does not achieve the super straight look that the younger members of the family wanted but does tame my rather wild locks very quickly

  83. PurpleDiva

    Excellent Ceramic Brush
    Expensive but worth every penny. Defrizzes hair. Would definitely recommend

  84. leanna

    Easy to use. Good product good quality. Good safety feature

  85. Alin

    Love the way the dafni hair straightening brush so quickly & easily makes my usually unruly hair look sleek. I almost feel like I have been to the hairdresser after using it!

  86. Ines Cordeiro

    I confess that I had an high expctation about Dafni because my hair it’s curly and dry and difficult to dominate, only with a professional in a hairdresser. I cant believe that with an heat protector, 2m brush and a oil in a final I get an amazing result. An awesome first experience and my hairs good friend.

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