Additional heat isolation at the back part of the brush, thanks to the BACK CASING


soothing and calming   |   gender-neutral   |   an interpretation of the DAFNI turquoise


Heat resistant, scalp protecting safety tips designed for a comfortable treatment

Gentle and gradual FLICKERING WHITE LIGHT when product is heating up, one flicker when plugged, alarming flickers at malfunction 


Long press to switch off, to resist unintentional pressure

The handle is in the shape of a CIRCULAR TRIANGLE, for excellent grip with more contact area, that makes swiveling the brush easy and comfortable


Heat resistant materials  used by the US Army + NASA

Short hair SOS or smooth, voluminous beachy waves. With none of the frizz

For styling even the shortest of flyaway hairs, or creating gorgeous curls and carefree waves. With a round brush head and evenly spaced bristles, hair is snugly tucked into the brush - ensuring smooth, even styling.

More Disruptive, More Innovative
Our technology just got better

Maximal density mimics that of a blow dryer round brush and provides unbeatable performance

Additional increase of friction and control

Round tips to keep your hair inside the brush

Pac-man like shaped to avoid hair ripping

Gen. 2.0 for the best result using the latest 3D technology
- extra layers for extra tension
- safety grip tip to hold while gliding down and curling
So much safer!
- Everything black remains safe to touch
- Automatic shutdown
- Thermal cover to close immediately after use and leave no exposed heat
Round and narrow to create beautiful waves that last using less heat


Swivel cord 360

Ergonomic handle

Long press shut-off button

Sensor based shut down