My dear daughters

For this international women’s day, I am writing a letter to the future women you will be.

You will enter puberty, it will happen sooner than I imagine, and when you do, you will ask yourselves a lot of questions. Remember this, your mom was not a super model and chances are, you won’t be either.

I believe that is a good thing, you can’t rely on your beauty. Looks fade long before we do. Remember you are not a picture, you are a voice. Embrace your look, do what you need to love your reflection. but spend much more time developing your personality and deepen your inner world. Find your voice, there are so many strong voices out there to inspire yours.

Challenge yourselves, a good challenge is the fundamental fountain of self-belief and self-belief is the fundamental source of a meaningful life. Never get too comfortable, happiness doesn’t live in comfort zones.

Keep imagining, the world can seem like a miracle and like a scientifically solved fact. Embrace science. it is a proof of what people can do when they unite. but don’t confuse science with sobriety, the bigger questions are still pending, life is still a miracle.

Ask questions, listen, create, don’t ask for permission to do so, no creator before you ever did.

Fight for your rights, it will never be easy, but it will always be the right thing. Remember a wrong is a wrong, no matter how expansive the rival’s suit is. Doing the right thing always impacts the world for the better. Use your voice, never apologize for what you believe in.

Every human on this earth can make a change, if you don’t believe me ask history. Respect every human you meet, there are no criteria for respect, by respecting others you are respecting yourselves.

Don’t depend too much on you parents, maybe we will be rich, maybe not, relying on us will never let you fully unleash your powers.

Support each other, support other women, women still need a push to be properly heard and when women are heard, the world wins.

You will feel kindness and you will feel betrayal, embrace kindness, you are worthy of it, be grateful for it and give it back as hard and as loud as you can. Learn from betrayal, remember people are not good or bad, they are either weaker or stronger than the conflict in hands. The people you surround yourself with are your most important choice, your biggest asset or liability. Keep only the people make you dream bigger, who believe in you and love you for all that you are and always, always choose love.

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